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mel•i•ange is a mixture- a melange of things. It is difficult to specify the singularity of one self in terms of intersectionality. Her personality and life choices were determined by the patriarchy, regardless of race. Through the languages that define me: Nederlands, Papiamentu and English. Through spaces that define me: Kòrsou and Nederland, home and elsewhere. Through the senses that define me: hearing, feeling and seeing.

Images from research

stills from short film: mel•i•ange

The aim of the film is to show recognition of the young black woman who is conflicted with her identity. What determines my freedom? What withholds my freedom? Where is my safe place? How do I survive? The underlying questions that are the foundation of her everyday being.

With the use of conventional pieties in art I take what is deemed as normative and make it “unconventional” by implementing a piece of me in it. In the film two dresses are shown. The pattern of the dresses derives from the dashiki which is a piece of clothing that for me stands for the unity of the African diaspora. The dresses are also reminiscent to the sleeping gowns that the women in my family wear.

painting portraying the strong young black woman, but somehow always suppressed by white patriarchy regardless of her background

illustration showing self love

moulage in clo3D

moulage in clo3D

flats: illustrator
dress with empowering fists, the literal inbetweenness of a woman living and being in black and white spaces


elke traan gelaten is krachtig.

Photography: @navettaviski & Model: @jannette.h

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