vocal in color

08/07/2019 BLOG

A fruitful year of studying, designing AND speaking has come to an end and I am beyond excited to apply the things I learned this year in the future. My second year into the double degree studies started off pretty rough, struggling with myself and finding focus in my studies. Pushing through the difficult times, I started expressing myself to some friends and family about my issues. Not being afraid anymore to hide and act like I’m ok. Several momentsRead More

Resisting mediocrity in my studies

09/03/2019 BLOG

During the beginning of my first year as a RASL student I struggled with finding a balanced and efficient way to combine designing and studying simultaneously. I quickly learned that having a physical diary helped me stay  calm and organized throughout the amount of writing, reading, studying and designing I had to do. Though, I also had to learn how to actually follow my planning.  I often found myself getting stuck during the process of designing wondering how I couldRead More

How it started

10/02/2019 BLOG

During my childhood I looked up to my mother and grandmother who sewed pieces together into a garment; the process of making and wearing your own creation inspired me to do the same. I got fascinated by the way a piece gets a life through the story/ character of the creator/ wearer. And I wanted to do the same. As soon as I started high school (Het Lyceum Rotterdam) in 2010 I knew that I wanted to pursue a careerRead More