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08/07/2019 BLOG
still from Healing Ritual project

A fruitful year of studying, designing AND speaking has come to an end and I am beyond excited to apply the things I learned this year in the future.

My second year into the double degree studies started off pretty rough, struggling with myself and finding focus in my studies. Pushing through the difficult times, I started expressing myself to some friends and family about my issues. Not being afraid anymore to hide and act like I’m ok. Several moments in that period made me realize to take advantage of my talents and drive to keep doing what I actually love: storytelling through creativity.

As a fashion design student I want to obviously create and influence fashion, BUT not in a singular way. As I’m writing this post my mind is in an abundance of ideas and stories I want to tell and transform into fashion. I came across this public speaking course that is held at the Erasmus University. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to develop my speaking and storytelling skills. So, I applied.

The public speaking course definitely boosted my confidence, motivated and inspired me to spread my ideas, messages and thoughts with the world. Whether it is in a Tedx style speech, a garment or a blog post.

The lesson I learned and want to share with you is to not be afraid to be vulnerable, show emotion and be genuine. It is ok if you disagree but be respectful. Even if you feel like you are in the minority.

Your voice matters.

My EURx talk at Erasmus Public Speaking Academy 17/06/2019