How it started…(2)

Here I am again.

The eyes of students that I only recognized by face settled on my appearance.

“Who is this girl with half blue – half black braided hair?” Is what I thought they would think of me while I walked in the classroom 15 minutes late.

What a great start of the year.

Fortunately I knew a couple of students from earlier years at school that I could reach out to. But the voice in my head felt so sorry for me that I had to do another year in high school while the rest of my friends were living their best lives.

During this year (2017) I was focused on just one thing which was getting out of this school. I loved it, but it has been 7 years and that was a bit too much. Looking back I must say that I did not seem to be interested in getting to know my new classmates, or to have enjoyed the year. Maybe because I had my mind set on just graduating. But at the end of the year I found myself actually… kind of enjoying the people and myself.

I wrote my exams with way more ease compared to the previous year. With knowing that I already got accepted to the RASL program, the results were the only thing I anticipated.

The eyes of students, teachers, families and others were all on me while my mentor congratulated me and wished me good luck with my studies. I will never forget the words she said about me during her speech:

“Meliange, a girl with a positive, no nonsense attitude who knows what she wants.”